France is home to a number of technology companies.

Good technology companies in France

Dassault Systemes:
Founded in 1981, Dassault Systemes is a French software company that provides 3D design and engineering software solutions. Their software is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and construction. Their flagship product is CATIA, which is used for designing and simulating complex products.

Dassault Systemes has a global presence, with offices and research centers in over 40 countries. In 2020, the company had revenue of €4.5 billion and employed over 20,000 people.

OVHcloud: OVHcloud is a French cloud computing company that provides web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. They offer a range of cloud services, including public and private cloud solutions, as well as hybrid cloud options. Their data centers are located around the world, including several locations in France.

OVHcloud was founded in 1999 and has grown to become one of the largest hosting companies in Europe. They currently serve over 1.5 million customers in 138 countries. In 2021, OVHcloud announced plans to go public on the Paris stock exchange.

Criteo: Criteo is a French digital advertising company that uses machine learning algorithms to serve personalized ads to consumers. Their technology analyzes data from websites and mobile apps to determine the best ads to show to individual users.

Criteo was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Paris. They have offices in over 30 countries and work with over 20,000 advertisers worldwide. In 2020, the company had revenue of €1.6 billion and employed over 2,700 people.

BlaBlaCar: BlaBlaCar is a French ride-sharing platform that connects drivers with passengers for long-distance travel. The company was founded in 2006 and has since expanded to over 20 countries around the world. BlaBlaCar has been described as a "social network for travelers" and aims to create a more sustainable and affordable form of transportation.

As of 2021, BlaBlaCar has over 100 million registered users and has facilitated over 100 million trips. The company has raised over €400 million in funding and has been valued at over €1 billion.

Sigfox: Sigfox is a French company that provides a global wireless network for the Internet of Things (IoT). Their technology allows devices to communicate with each other over long distances using low-bandwidth transmissions. This makes it ideal for devices that require low power consumption and can operate for extended periods of time without needing to be recharged.

Sigfox was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Toulouse, France. They currently have coverage in over 70 countries and work with a variety of industries, including healthcare, logistics, and agriculture.

Ubisoft: Ubisoft is a French video game company that produces popular franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. The company was founded in 1986 and has grown to become one of the largest game publishers in the world.

Ubisoft has offices and studios around the world, including several locations in France. In 2020, the company had revenue of €2.2 billion and employed over 18,000 people.

Orange: Orange is a French telecommunications company that provides mobile and fixed-line services to customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The company was founded in 1988 and has since grown to become one of the largest telecom operators in the world.

Orange has a presence in over 30 countries and serves over 266 million customers.

Deezer: a music streaming service that offers access to a large catalog of songs.

Deezer is a French-based music streaming service founded in 2007. It provides users with access to a large catalog of songs, podcasts, and radio stations that they can stream and listen to online. Deezer offers both free and premium subscription options, with premium subscribers having access to more features, including offline playback and high-quality audio.

Deezer has partnerships with various record labels and artists, enabling it to offer a vast selection of music across various genres, including popular and niche categories. The company has also developed a range of features to enhance the user experience, such as curated playlists, personalized recommendations, and a unique Flow feature that creates a non-stop mix of music based on the user's listening habits.

Alcatel-Lucent: a telecommunications equipment company that provides products and services for networks, broadband access, and cloud infrastructure.

Alcatel-Lucent is a French telecommunications equipment company that was formed in 2006 following the merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies. The company provides a range of products and services for networks, broadband access, and cloud infrastructure, including switches, routers, wireless access points, and network management software.

Alcatel-Lucent is a global leader in the development of next-generation networking technologies, such as 5G, cloud networking, and software-defined networking. The company serves a wide range of customers, including telecommunications service providers, government agencies, and enterprises across various industries. Alcatel-Lucent has a strong focus on research and development and has been awarded numerous patents for its innovations in networking technologies.

Parrot: a company that produces consumer and commercial drones, as well as other wireless devices.

Parrot is a French-based company that designs and manufactures consumer and commercial drones, as well as other wireless devices. The company was founded in 1994 and has since become a leading player in the drone market, offering a range of products for both recreational and professional use. Parrot's consumer drones include the popular Anafi series, which features high-quality cameras and advanced features like obstacle avoidance and GPS tracking.

The company's commercial drone offerings include solutions for industries such as agriculture, mapping, and construction. In addition to drones, Parrot also produces wireless audio products, such as headphones and speakers, and has developed a range of software tools for drone pilots and developers. Parrot is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as using recycled materials in its products and developing eco-friendly packaging.


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